GET PAID SHOP Pay YourSelf!!!!!!

GET PAID SHOP  Shop Pay YourSelf!!!!!! 

  Shadow Shopper is the ideal work from home job. We email and SMS paid shopping jobs nearby. You buy anything we refund you. You have instructions on where to go and what to do, then you fill out an online report about your experience and Get paid shop pay yourself !

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    Because our clients want us to Get paid shop pay yourself!  Business and government want to know their customers’ experience. Shadow shopping is the only way they can find out. Mystery shopping or secret shopping. So you canGet paid shop pay yourself !! When a shadow shopper, posing as a ‘real’ customers, checking out a business and reports their experience. Sounds too good to be true, but it really happens.
Get Paid to Shop pay yourselfBeen mystery shopping for over 10 years. Everyone is a customer. It costs nothing to be a shadow shopper and get shopping jobs. No fees ever, a promise. We never ask you for money. Always pay. Guaranteed! We’ve never missed paying our shoppers.Pay the highest rates
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 The first cashback site in the world to be completely free and to pass 100% of the cashback onto our members, making the most generous cashback site.Have thousands of offers
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